Schmangelo is a blog?

Answer: Yes

Well to be perfectly honest, schmangelo is an online persona of Angelo Landriscina.  If you are reading this around the time that it is originally posted, you probably know me in person.  To put myself in a nutshell, I am a fourth year college student who has big dreams (read: plans) for the future.  Right now I envision myself being a bicoastal hotshot dermatologist that will revolutionize the skincare industry, but that’s subject to change.  I aim to change the world by doing what I love.  I currently work as a Resident Assistant for NYU and a Personal Assistant/Office Worker.

What my blog will be is a commentary that will mirror my life, my loves and my rants.  I plan on writing about life in New York City, pop culture, style, politics, social issues, things that are utter garbage, guilty pleasures, deep issues, obsessions, my own adventures and so much more.  While I’m not an expert in any of these areas, my credibility comes from a life that has taken me so many places and will still take me to more.  So, bookmark, add to your google reader etc and get ready for the ride!

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