Things That I’m Obsessed With

Another round of weekly obsessions!

1. Topman

Topshop is a little bit lesser known in the U.S., since there is only one store in SoHo, but is huge in the U.K. .  You might know it as the store that sells clothes designed by Kate Moss.  While I’m not in love with all of their men’s stuff, since it tends towards hipster fashion, I just ordered three pieces from them to add to my growing collection.  What warrants the obsession is that they make clothes that fit me! I’m really short and thin, and that’s a deadly mix when looking for a good fit in men’s clothes.  Their XXS is awesome.  They also run really great sales.  Those three pieces I bought came out to only $40 and I got them shipped free from England (SUCK ON THAT)!  Check it out at .

2. Vlogging

Why? Because it’s a portmanteau of a portmanteau. Also because it has consumed a lot of my time as of late. I set out to film one short video to start out an upcoming series of vlog and blog posts, and out of it I got two really long videos.  It isn’t so much vlogging as it is a legit documentary, and let me just tell you, if I have to hear my own voice again, I’m gonna cut a bitch.  More to come soon!

3. Kelis – Flesh Tone

Yeah, I know, she sang “Milkshake”, but it’s this album that’s bringing me to the yard. It may not be your cup of tea if you’re not into electronic music, or techno, or house, but this is a masterpiece that must be listened to at least once, all the way through.  The reason I say that is that it’s very well constructed, and brings something fresh to album-based music while the rest of the industry seems to be moving towards selling songs one by one.  All the songs have interludes between that help the album flow in a really organic way.  It is short and oh so sweet, exactly what it needs to be in under 40 minutes.  GET IT!


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