Things I’m Obsessed With

I’ve decided that I should aim to post new content at least two to three times per week.  I know that this will slowly become a job, and that I will be cursing myself for it, but what ever came out of ease?

I had a great idea to do a weekly post about things that I’m currently obsessed with.  This may seem a little unnecessary to some, especially now that everyone and their dog seems to be endorsing products or liking things on Facebook, but it means more to me.  For me to actually say that I like something takes a lot.  I’m really stingy with my praise.  At the same time, if I really like something, I become all out OBSESSED.  Anyway, enjoy.

1. True Blood

If you know me well, it’s no secret that I’m in love with True Blood.  I actually tried and failed to really get into it in the beginning since I felt that the pilot was VERY SLOW. However, I suffered through it and eventually caught up with the series, and got hooked on it like Lindsay Lohan on coke.  Fast forward to last month and I’m at a midnight fan event nearly getting sexually assaulted by a middle-aged woman dressed like Sookie Stackhouse.  Now that’s commitment.  I like this series, not because it plays into this whole vampire trend that seems to be all-encompassing within the media world as of late, but rather that it is able to use trashy appeal (sex scenes, violence) in an interesting and intelligent way and tell stories beyond its own, while developing really interesting characters that you want to know more about.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best written shows on television right now.

2. The Wonder Wheel

I have this theory that, as a local of a touristy area, you never get to see the sites that your hometown is famous for.  For instance, I never visited the Statue of Liberty until the 6 forgotten years that I spent not living in New York.  In this same way, I had visited Coney Island before, but never had the pleasure of enjoying The Wonder Wheel, one of the oldest attractions of arguably the most famous area of Brooklyn, my hometown.  Its fame is second only to the Cyclone (which you can watch coming apart as you ride, one of my good friends has pointed out).  I love it because you can ride in a swinging car which takes the whole ferris wheel idea, twists it, and makes you shit your pants in the process.  Also, you get a panoramic view of Coney Island and the Ocean.  I may post about my thoughts on Coney soon.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit was a food that I had despised for years.  I had tried eating one with a spoon when I was a child.  Not only was the taste really bitter, BUT IT SQUIRTED ME IN THE EYE AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! My eyes burned for hours (thanks citric acid).  This event was topped only by the time that a roasted chestnut exploded near my face and sent schrapnel into my eyes (last time I help with Thanksgiving dinner).  ANYWAY, I decided to try them again this spring.  To my surprise, I uncovered the secrets of the mystery fruit!  If you remove the membranes, the taste is not only sweet, but quite awesome.  I like to just go at it with my hands rather than effing around with a knife or spoon.  The added bonus to the hands method is that you get to smell like grapefruit all day, which is a really pleasant scent (to me at least).


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One Response to Things I’m Obsessed With

  1. Love these obsessions!! Schamangelo darling you make me want to copy you! I can’t wait to hear your obsessions every week! I shall add you to my blogroll.

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